Get The Insurance Help You Need From A Name You Can Trust

Need Help With Your Homecare Agency Insurance?

Not every Home Health Care Agency or Hospice Company can afford to have their own Risk Manager or Insurance Advisor, but now you can. Our 40 years’ experience providing quality insurance products to clients in the home care industry gives us the knowledge and experience to assist you with your insurance questions.






While we don’t actually sell insurance, we can advise your company regarding the status of your current insurance coverage.






In one word, No. Insurance coverage, and price, vary greatly when you compare insurance companies.


Does Your Insurance Agency Need Help?

Starting, running & maintaining an Insurance Agency is no easy feat. Initial decisions made can impact your agency for years to come. We can help you with  internal office systems, contact management & accounting systems, employee structure and marketing systems. Each of these are vitally important to the success of your agency, and “getting it right” from the onset is crucial. 

Thinking About Insurance As A Career?

So you’ve seen the guy with the nice car and great lifestyle, and have asked yourself, “Could  I do what he does?” The answer is, “Yes. You can”


If you’re a hard worker, and enjoy talking to people, maybe selling insurance could be a viable career choice you should consider.  




If you decide to enter the insurance industry, the best thing you can do for yourself is to make good decisions right from the beginning. You need to determine what type of insurance you would like to sell. You could sell “Personal Lines” insurance which means selling personal auto and homeowners insurance to individuals. On the other hand, you might want to sell business insurance to companies. Either way, you should think about this before you get started, and consider what interests you from the start. 

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